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What Can a Hair Braider Do?

5 Most Common Types of Hair Braiding

When it comes to hair braiding, there are a lot of different styles, techniques, and procedures that a hair braider can do. These styles are suitable and look beautiful on both men and women. Some of which are more popular than others. Here are some of the most common braiding styles.

Crossover Hair Braiding

This hair braid is also known as loop hair braiding. The term and technique were created in the African-American community. This style has roots in the hair weft technique known as cornrow braiding. This style is when multiple pieces of hair are braided in the same direction, however, instead of being weft in the same direction, each individual hair is braided in a different direction. The hair is then twisted and then secured in a large loose knot.

Corset Style Hair Braiding

Also known as lacing or corset braiding, this style is different from the other two. This style is achieved when the hair is braided into a loose, sculpted, or layered hairstyle, however, is secured with elastic. Any hairstylist can braid the hair in this style, however, they do need to have the skills and experience to do so. This style which is around 2-3 inches in width can be achieved by any type of hairstylist.

Weft Hair Braiding

This is also known as hair weft twist, is a newer style that is performed in a way that the hair is twisted and bound in a tight, sculpted hairstyle. This style is known as a micro-loop hair weft, which has roots in African-American culture. This style is often achieved in a salon or by a hair extension specialist.

Ponytail Braiding

This is when the braids are most often worn down or on the side when it comes to hair length. However, this is one of the most versatile and popular styles of braiding. You can use this style to create several different styles and effects, depending on the hair and the method that you use.

Fishtail Braiding

This is a style of braiding that uses thin braids that are interwoven into a rope-like structure. This is ideal for shorter hair as the hair has more control in this style. You can wear this style in a number of different ways, depending on your preference and the occasion.

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