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Quality Hair Braiding in 5 Different Styles

Glamourous Hair Styles

Braiding hair is a natural way to style hair. Braiding hair can add volume and body while also making it appear more natural. Natural or synthetic human hair can be used, with the latter being less expensive. However, hair extensions come in a variety of textures and can be customized to match natural hair, making them more realistic. The hair can be made from heat-resistant synthetic fibers, which are less expensive than natural fibers. It is easier to match synthetic hair to synthetic fibers than it is to match natural hair to natural fibers because the texture of the hair may differ from that of the attachment. To give you an idea, the following are the most common types of quality hair braiding you can choose from.

French Braid

To begin, divide the hair into three sections from the crown, as described in the first basic style, but instead of placing the same strand in the center, take a small amount of hair from each side of the head.

Lace Braid

A lace braid works on the same basic principle as a French braid, but instead of pulling the braid tight to the scalp, you focus on weaving your hair ends together. Because it transitionally weaves the ends into one another, this braid is ideal for those who are struggling to grow out front layers or bangs (just like lace trim).

Crochet Braid

These aren’t the most opulent braids in the world. Crochet braids, in fact, are designed to be completely hidden. They are, however, a significant part of hair culture and are frequently mentioned. Crochet braids are small braids used to secure hair extensions for a more secure, natural look. They are extremely small, time-consuming, and require the expertise of a professional to ensure a successful, secure, and stylish weave.

Dutch Braid

This braid is similar to the French plait, except that the hair is braided downwards rather than over the other strands. Move the hair strands from each side of the head towards the center and underneath the braid.

Fishtail Braid

This braiding technique is simple, but it is also time-consuming and tedious. It starts with dividing the desired amount of hair into two sections. A very small piece is pulled across the center from underneath one of the two sections to the opposing section. Then you tighten your grip and repeat. All of the small details can be difficult to keep track of, but the romantic outcome is well worth the wait.

At Hair Studio 763, we believe that every texture deserves to be noticed. We also believe that any texture, with both short and long hair, can be braided. There are numerous ways to style your hair, and our quality hair braiding will give you the desired look. This is why our services are customized and one-of-a-kind around the Minneapolis, MN region. Call us at (612) 416-5540 today to learn about the latest hair braiding we have.