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Ready to Relax Your Hair? Visit Our Hair Salon in Minneapolis, MN!

Hair relaxing is a great way to eliminate frizz and make your tresses easier to style. Don’t worry since Hair Studio 763 is always ready to assist you with this process! We are a long-time and highly trusted hair salon in Minneapolis, MN, and we offer professional hair relaxer services to our customers. Book an appointment with our stylists today!

How Hair Relaxing Works

The texture of your hair is primarily caused by chemical bonds that occur on a molecular level. Curly hair, for example, gets its texture from disulfide and hydrogen bonds, which are strong and difficult to break. This is where hair relaxers come in: these products are specially formulated to break down chemical bonds in the hair, making it straighter and ensuring that it won’t return to its curly texture for a long time.

DIY vs Professional Hair Relaxing

There are now many DIY kits in the market that allow people to relax their hair at home. But, while there’s nothing wrong with using these kits, it’s important to note that they can cause serious problems if used the wrong way. Specifically, they can irritate your scalp and make your hair brittle, and they can even expose you to chemical burns.

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by reaching out to professionals like us. Our stylists have gone through intensive training in hair relaxing, and they know the best possible techniques to use to straighten your tresses without exposing it to damage. We also use high-quality hair relaxers that are formulated to be highly effective but are still gentle on your hair and scalp.

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