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Dreadlock Maintenance Tips From a Dreadlock Specialist

A Good Way to Maintain Your Dreadlocks!

Dreadlocks are the most beautiful and practical hairstyle in the world. They’re also an investment, so it’s important to take care of them properly. You don’t want to ruin your dreads by not doing maintenance on them or by trying new techniques that don’t end well for your locks. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to keep your dreads healthy and happy! Here are some dreadlock maintenance tips recommended by a dreadlock specialist:

Clean Your Dreads Regularly

Regularly washing your dreadlocks will help keep them looking nice and healthy. The most important thing to remember about washing your dreadlocks is that you should not use shampoo or soap on them. This can damage the hair follicles in the scalp. Instead, use a natural shampoo made for curly or kinky hair and then towel dry after rinsing out all traces of product from the strands.

Use a Tool to Comb Your Dreads

A dreadlock comb is a great way to help you remove knots, dirt, and debris from your dreadlocks. It’s also the perfect tool for massaging your scalp when you have long hair in the shower. The teeth of this type of brush are designed specifically for pulling out matting and tangles from your locks. This makes it easier to wash your hair when needed.

Avoid Pulling Your Dreads While Wet

You should avoid pulling on your dreads when they are wet. This can cause damage and breakage, as well as an increase in shedding. When you’re washing your hair, always rinse with cold water to prevent any heat damage from going into the scalp area where hair grows. Hot water will dry out the skin around your scalp and make things worse if you already have dandruff or psoriasis issues.

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